5 Ways To Cope With Social Distancing Boredom

Social distancing/self-isolation is leaving many people bored out of their minds. Here are some of my suggestions for how to deal with staying indoors!

1. Try Something New

Why not take the time to learn a new language, learn to cook, learn to sew, learn to…? There are so many possibilities out there! Plus, dedicating your time and effort to learning a new skill might help you stay calm in these scary times.

2. Revisit an Old Love

Make a dent in your reading list, or catch up on a neglected series. Maybe you started writing a novel, or need to update your blog? Things get busy and we don’t always have time for the things we love to do. Why not take this time to revisit an old love?

3. Video Call Loved Ones

Social distancing from friends and family can leave people feeling incredibly lonely, and when going through something like this, we need our loved ones more than ever. It’s important to stay connected with people, so why not spend some time on FaceTime or Skype? If these aren’t options for you, pick up the phone or send a text. It’s important to communicate with your loved ones and look after each other.

4. Exercise

Why not try some light exercise? I’ve seen people on social media taking up yoga as a way to relieve stress and stay calm, or maybe you want to whack out your old fitness DVD and really get to it? Either way, exercise will help you stay happy and healthy while you stay indoors.

5. Clean, Clean, Clean!

Take this time to give your home a deep clean! It’s not something that I thought of at first, but with a lot more time on my hands, I have no reason not to! Plus, self-isolating is a lot more comfortable in a clean and tidy house.

I hope you are all keeping happy and well!

How have you been coping with social distancing/self-isolation? Comment any suggestions down below!

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